Academy for Apprenticeship Skill & Knowledge

AASK was formed with an aim to bridge the demand and supply gap in skilling industry. Our digital platform addresses the problem of demand aggregation, sourcing, training, certification and placement for the skilled workforce in the country. The platform is purely demand-driven understanding the job roles available in the market in a quantifiable manner and train the manpower accordingly.

Our e-learning platform provides quality in education, and certification through partnering technology with a highly qualified training and content team thus ensuring students from diverse backgrounds gain knowledge and certification through us.

  • Using the internet to provide quality distance education.
  • Offering the highest variety of courses at the lowest costs.
  • Promoting the curriculum to all the underprivileged students of the state.
  • Ensure high academic standards.
  • Incorporate core components to teach critical thinking, better communication, and instil a commitment to continuous learning through life.
  • Concentrate on competencies and skills essential for better output.
  • Promote shared learning through collaboration, interaction and peer-to-peer teaching and assessment.