Our Associations

AASK is proud to be associated with top-level Awarding/Certification Bodies, Knowledge partners, Industrial Partners, Subject Matter Experts and Content Partners to conduct courses, prepare study material, provide training, research and develop assessment programs. We provide best-in-class structured study material and relevant courses for our user to enable them to be eligible to compete at the national and international level.


We provide a pool of best in the industry subject-matter experts and faculties which enable students to get the personal training options using the state-of-the-art technology provided for the classes as well as the testing.

AASK has highly qualified Subject-Matter Experts who are constantly working on updating and developing the Technical Curriculum. With the rapid advancements we are seeing today in all the industries, the requirement for technically qualified employees have been increasing as time goes on. This has been verified by recent research done by leading institutes which also indicated that candidates holding certification of technology programs are hired much faster than candidates with regular programs certification. To ensure a strong technical workforce, there is an increasing need for quality subject matter for technical courses and training institutes to update their curriculum so that they can incorporate the latest technologies and industry practices. This ensures that their students stay current on the technical and other advancements in their fields. Technical subject-matter experts, therefore, play an essential role in helping achieve this goal. Development of the required curriculum is time-consuming, challenging, and expensive; our team of experts are highly qualified and experienced in their domains and they are at work constantly on reviewing the curriculum and ensuring it is relevant to today’s requirements.