Academy for Apprenticeship Skill & Knowledge

AASK - a technology-backed learning and skill development platform that gives users an end-to-end learning experience designed to teach and hone technical skills. The platform is an industry-driven learning ecosystem that brings together quality education, training and certification by connecting awarding bodies, training centres, and quality content with technology.

With the increased use of technology, there is a need to realign the industries’ approach with polished hard and soft skill knowledge. The AASK platform will help adapt to these changes. Companies can leverage our technical skills development providers to train employees on entirely new skills and also upgrade the existing skills of incumbent employees.

AASK provides the user with world-class learning materials along with the help of best in class e-learning solutions, module-wise learning options, access to connect with world-class Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs), opportunities to interact with leading industry partners for apprenticeship and employment and certifications from recognised awarding bodies.

AASK helps the users identify the skill gaps in the industry and helps them find a niche specialisation to bridge, thereby becoming highly employable. AASK will also provide them with apprenticeships at the best companies with an option to be absorbed into their workforce at the end of the training. Our focus is to ensure that in today’s competitive professional world, our users become the Subject-Matter Experts.

Our aim is to help India accelerate the journey of skilling and become the Global Talent Hub. The key objective of AASK is to improve skilling by inspiring learners to explore, discover and learn. The easy to navigate interface platform helps the learners to explore and understand the technologies, employment opportunities and the skills required to do those jobs.

AASK also provides the user’s access to both online and offline classrooms. We have tie-ups with reputed institutions and provide top-level educational e-modules for training. In a nutshell, AASK is a platform for everyone – from a school pass-out to industry professionals who are looking to hone their skills for better employment opportunities.

What do we do?

We are backed by a pool of leading industries and awarding bodies, academicians, as well as, supported by a world-class content management team providing candidates with a variety of learning options such as Audio/Visual Content, Textual content, along with E-Content to learners by providing them access to one of the finest Learning Management Systems (LMS) in the world.

Why Us?

We have a best in its class team with varied and diverse experience in the area of education and skill development. Our team has identified the following problems as detrimental to the quality of the training done in the present market.

  • A large number of training centres are unable to offer various course due to lack of content and trainers.
  • The lack of skilled trainers affects the quality of education, mostly in rural India.
  • The lack of knowledge about the quality of the Certification/Awarding bodies is always a concern for students, prompting them to opt for the nearest educational options.
  • Also, E-Learners prefer to limit the numbers of awarding bodies.
  • Candidates prefer to access the module on an online basis and restrict to one or two physical learning classes to limit the fee.
  • Centres can also earn through a reference from AASK for classroom training.

Based on these above factors, we offer a One-Stop Solution to educational institutions, students, corporates, etc., with our blended model learning where we shall provide the content, platform, TOT, and certification access through the world-class awarding bodies.